Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.
Asheville, North Carolina • USA
Using 21st Century Technology to Create Functional Parts
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc. opened in 1994 as a part-time model railroad resin kit manufacturer.  Back then, parts and mold patterns were created by hand or traditional machining.  Polyurethane resins were limited, often brittle and did not tolerate heat well.

By late 2002, we had grown into a full-time business utilizing state-of-the-art 3D CAD software (Solidworks) and Rapid Prototyping (RP).  Injection molding was added soon after and, in 2016, we began offering 3D Printing as a more cost-effective alternative to StereoLithography.

Today, our core business comprises separate but closely-related "divisions": Industrial Services and a Model Railroad kit product line using 3D CAD and StereoLithography (SLA) to create rubber mold patterns or produce parts to sell directly.  These technologies now allow inventors and designers to bring their concepts to reality.  Applications are limited
ONLY by your imagination!

In mid-August 2020, we installed a Form3 SLA (resin) printing system.  This gives us MUCH more flexibility in selecting projects that previously could not be cost-justified due to exorbitant vendor prices, varying print quality and minimal market demand.  Many parts and products once cast in urethane are being converted to 3D printing which saves YOU assembly time while maintaining the same price and quality you expect from us.

Click on the links and photos to learn more about our services.  Contact us via email or phone to discuss YOUR specific project.
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.   Asheville, NC 28805
Ph.:  (828) 777-5619   (10-5 M-F)
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Below:  Two sisters from a local shelter now keep Isabella "company" and frequently camp out on my desk while I'm designing new products.