The Bethlehem 53A (low profile), 53B (intermediate height) bodies/counterweights and switch points link are 3D printed in a durable, grey-tinted, high-resolution resin.  Both stands include white- and red-tinted urethane targets and Phosphor Bronze wire to make the target spindle and connection to switch points.

Switch stands
DO NOT operate your switch ... they are operated BY your switch if you connect the switch points to the link.  Targets require NO PAINTING ... they are cast in white- and red-tinted urethane.  Base & target spindle (wire) require painting.

53A (low-profile) includes (5) target styles & instructions
53B (intermediate height) includes (4) target styles & instructions

** S Scale **

64-TD-1.1-LH ... 53A ... LEFT HAND ARM ... $6.50
64-TD-1.3-LH ... 53A ... 3-pack ... $17.50

64-TD-1.1-RH ... 53A ... RIGHT HAND ARM ... $6.50
64-TD-1.3-RH ... 53A ... 3-pack ... $17.50

64-TD-2.1-LH ... 53B ... LEFT HAND ARM ... $6.50
64-TD-2.3-LH ... 53B ... 3-pack ... $17.50

64-TD-2.1-RH ... 53B ... RIGHT HAND ARM ... $6.50
64-TD-2.3-RH ... 53B ... 3-pack ... $17.50
** O Scale **

48-TD-1.1-LH ... 53A ... LEFT HAND ARM ... $9.00

48-TD-1.1-RH ... 53A ... RIGHT HAND ARM ... $9.00

48-TD-2.1-LH ... 53B ... LEFT HAND ARM ... $9.50

48-TD-2.1-RH ... 53B ... RIGHT HAND ARM ... $9.50
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Each item is designed in Solidworks 3D CAD.  Boxes are printed in a semi-rigid, durable, grey-tinted resin on a a Form3 SLA system.  Roof panels are cast urethane.
Trackside Details (S and O)
The phone box, also named "call box", was a key ingredient in the communication system between crews and dispatchers/operators.  A box would be "planted" on a post or bolted to a phone pole in strategic locations, such as diamonds, branchline junctions, interchanges and congested areas.  Remote areas with few depots also used these.  They were EVERYWHERE!

Each kit includes a 3D printed body with all braces, a 2-pc cast urethane roof and 1/2" length of blackened chain.  The post is not included but can easily be modeled with a short length of Code 70 rail or glued to a telephone pole.

S-Scale >> 64-TD-40 ... $10.00

O-Scale >> 48-TD-40 ... $14.00

(Discounted pricing available when ordering multiple kits ... send email with request.)