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Creating 20th Century Models Using 21st Century Technology
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc. • Asheville, NC 28805
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Each item is designed in Solidworks 3D CAD.  Unless otherwise stated, parts are cast in grey, rigid urethane.  "3D SLA printed" parts are created on a Form3 system.
S Scale Underframes
Unless otherwise stated, items are 3D SLA printed in a grey, durable resin that accepts lacquer and acrylic paint.
64-DP-350 ... 40' underframe (1940 P-S design; suitable for cars running into the 1980s) ... $12.00
64-DP-351 ... 40' underframe (1939 Duryea from B&O M53) ... $15.00
64-DP-352 ... 40' underframe (Fishbelly centersill from B&O M15K (32' 2-3/4" truck centers,
                               1915-1955) ... $15.00