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S-Scale Sideframes to Fit Stanton Trucks
AAR Type A and B
Kit No. 64-TK-10SF-SLA ... AAR Type A (8' 0" wheelbase)
One-piece sideframe including end yokes that drops onto the Stanton gearbox.  Kit includes brake lever clevises, wire and (4) #0-48 x 3/8" screws.
$69 per kit (2 truck's worth)

Kit No. 64-TK-13SF-SLA   ... AAR Type B (9' 2" wb)
One-piece sideframe including end yokes like the Type A truck ... plus separate glue-on solid and roller bearing caps, wire, (4) #0-48 x 3/8" screws and brake levers.
$79 per kit (2 truck's worth)

NOTE regarding AAR-B sideframe:
The Stanton truck has a maximum wheelbase of 9 ft, 0 in.; the prototype truck is 9 ft, 4 in.  The kit's sideframe is designed to 9 ft, 2 in. as a compromise.  The 2" difference, regardless of your chosen gearbox, is imperceptible once painted black and assembled.

Blomberg "B"
One-piece sideframe with end yokes that drops onto the Stanton gearbox.  The image shown at left protrays a completed sideframe with installed journal boxes and brake levers (by the modeler) from the sheet of urethane castings included with the kit (shown below the truck).

The sheet of urethane castings and misc. parts include (6) styles of journal boxes/bearing caps >> 2 styles with speed recorders, brake cylinder levers, wire for brake cylinder pistons, injection molded brake cylinder clevises and (4) #0-48 x 3/8" screws).  Glue-on journal boxes/bearing caps allow you to model early F-units to GP35s.

Kit No. 64-TK-11SF-SLA ... Blomberg "B" (9' 0" wheelbase)
$79 per kit (2 truck's worth)

Blomberg "B" Details Sheet
Use this sheet of details to upgrade trucks from other manufacturers.  This is the same sheet included with the sideframes kit.

Kit No. 64-TK-11-Details ... $25 per set

Alco "Blunt"
Kit includes (4) 3D printed sideframes and (4) #0-48 x 3/8" screws.

Kit No. 64-TK-12-SF ... Blunt (8' 0" wheelbase) ... $35 per set
Sideframe kits are designed to fit Stanton trucks ... attaching to a different truck may require modification.  Stanton trucks must be purchased from NWLS or your favorite dealer ... I only offer sideframe kits.

All sideframe kits are 3D SLA printed in a semi-rigid, grey-tinted, durable resin