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S and Sn2 Scale Trucks
Barber 50/70/100-ton Roller Bearing truck kits
with brake shoes/beams and (2) styles of bearing caps

Coil-sprung kits WITH ROTATING END CAPS and (2) styles of end caps.

These (3) are complete truck kits, including brake beams/shoes:

Kit No. 64-TK-Barber 50T (50-ton, 33" wheels, 2 trucks) ... $32

Kit No. 64-TK-Barber 70T (70-ton, 33" wheels, 2 trucks) ... $32
Kit No. 64-TK-Barber 100T (100-ton, 36" wheels, 2 trucks) ... $32

These 3D SLA printed brake beams/shoes (no assembly req'd):

Kit No. 64-TK-Barber 50TB (50-ton truck - 4 truck's worth) ... $10
Kit No. 64-TK-Barber 70TB (70-ton truck - 4 truck's worth) ... $10
Kit No. 64-TK-Barber 100TB (100-ton truck - 4 truck's worth) ... $10

NOTE:  brake beams/shoes parts are designed to fit SMMW trucks but may also fit trucks from other manufacturers.  We know that the 50-ton part fits SHS PRR/Betterndorf and AM with 5'6" wheelbase.  Be sure to verify your truck's bolster is no wider than .200", has the correct wheelbase to fit 50-, 70- or 100-ton and correct wheel diameter (33" for first two; 36" for 100-ton truck).

It is the customer's responsibility to match our parts to your trucks.  No refund will be issued for SMMW parts that won't fit YOUR trucks.
"Scenic Wheelsets"
It's just a matter of fact that every manufacturing process has "rejected" parts ... making wheelsets is no different.  These 33" and 36" wheels have injection molded centers with slightly off-axis axle holes that cause a little wobble.  Not suitable for rolling stock but PERFECT for static display, such as flat car loads, part of your wreck train or just stacked around the car shop.

Each wheelset contains (2) 33" or 36" bright Nickel-plated wheels pre-gauged onto telescoping brass tubing "axles", styrene tubing to simulate bearings and a sprue of (10) molded bearing caps (2 styles).

*** Affordably priced at only $1.50/wheelset ***

Kit No. 64-TK-33WS ... $15.00 (10 wheelsets w/ 33" wheels)

Kit No. 64-TK-36WS ... $15.00 (10 wheelsets w/ 36" wheels)

(Supply will vary since the goal is NOT to make rejected parts!)
Click HERE to download ROLLER BEARING truck assembly instructions in COLOR (a black & white sheet is included with each order).
Sn2 Truck Kits
First introduced in 2007 (freight trucks) and 2010 (Jackson & Sharp Co. truck), these kits were redesigned in September 2020 to combine many small, cast urethane pieces into larger pieces that are 3D-SLA printed. 

The freight trucks now consist of (3) pieces:  sideframe-bolster-journal lids being (1) piece with (2) new brake beams/shoes parts.  Not all "2-foot lines" operated trucks with brake shoes hung from the sideframes ... some were body-mounted ... so you can model just about any variation.

Each J&S truck is now a 5-pc, 3D printed set (sideframes, bolster and brake beams/shoes) made from a semi-rigid, grey-tinted, durable resin.

Trucks can be purchased with or without Kadee HOn3 wheelsets.  All trucks include #0-48 x 1/4" screws.  Passenger trucks include Kadee #637 springs (for appearance only).
"Common" Truck
All standard gauge trucks are fully sprung kits comprised of 3D printed sideframes, bolsters, journal box lids and brake beams/shoes, pre-assembled wheelsets (bright Nickel-plated code 110 brass rims with injection molded black ABS centers), springs and screws.  Bolsters and sideframes include locating "posts" to easily position springs ... spring load keeps them in place ... no glue required.
ASF A-3 50-ton "RIDE CONTROL" truck kit
with (2) styles of journal box lids (attached separately)  (5' 6" wheelbase)

Kit No. 64-TK-ASF 50T RC
$32 (2 trucks)
Click HERE to view assembly instructions for ASF RIDE CONTROL truck.
Barber S-2 50 Ton Truck with Spring Plank
"Kit No. 64-TK-Barber S-2 50 Ton"
Kit No. 64n-TK-Common 3D (Common Style (visible single spring)) , 2 trucks ... $18
Kit No. 64n-TK-Common 3Dx (no wheelsets) ... $12

Kit No. 64n-TK-Swing 3D (Swing Motion Style (no visible spring)) , 2 trucks ... $18
Kit No. 64n-TK-Swing 3Dx (no wheelsets) ... $12

Kit No. 64n-TK-J&S 3D (J&S Passenger Truck), 2 trucks ... $20
Kit No. 64n-TK-J&S 3Dx (no wheelsets) ... $16
J&S Passenger Truck
"Swing Motion" Truck