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Updated 10/17/2022
The Pullman-Standard 5277 CF "12-post" version was built only for Southern Ry. beginning in 1971 and the original Norfolk Southern starting in early 1973.  Most lasted until the FRA 45-year interchange rule took them out of service.  A model has never been produced in any scale.

These resin kits will feature a 1-piece urethane body, separate urethane underframe, 3D SLA printed detail parts (end ladders & side grabs w/ step, ABD brake system, etc.), Accurail trucks, Kadee 33" wheelsets, Kadee #158 "Whisker" couplers, Highball Graphics decals and a mini-CD packed with detailed instructions and photos.  Door castings are separate to simplify "modernizing" with fabricated replacement doors.  Close-up CAD views of details are shown below.

Production of parts (castings and printed) began in August 2022 while other parts were designed and all-new decal artwork is underway.  Target ship-date of complete kits is late 2022.  These are
LIMITED RUN kits and this is the LAST TIME you can order.  Once kit production begins in December, no orders will be accepted.  Orders will only be guaranteed if paid-in-full ... contact me at the email address below to order, ask questions, etc. and include your mailing address for the follow-up invoice.

Orders will be shipped on a first-paid-first-out basis.
Kit No. 87-B4 (SOUTHERN decals), including trucks & couplers ... $75
Kit No. 87-B4x (SOUTHERN decals), less trucks & couplers ... $65

Kit No. 87-B5 (NS decals), including trucks & couplers ... $75
Kit No. 87-B5x (NS decals), less trucks & couplers ... $65

Postage not included in prices.