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Creating 20th Century Models Using 21st Century Technology
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Design - Rapid Prototyping - Urethane Castings

Converting your product idea to a real part is now easier than ever before.

It all starts with the 3D CAD model ...

... created in Solidworks, the industry's leading design software.

The 3D CAD file is used to build a 3D part using Rapid Prototyping (RP)

The RP'd part, typically made using StereoLithography due to its high level of detail vs. "3D Printing", can be used as-is or as a pattern to create functional, durable, cast urethane pieces for field testing, marketing samples or production.

Making copies from a part that's long-ago out of production, such as the bike pedals at left, is a great way to minimize cost for short-run, reproduction projects.
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