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S-Scale Locomotive-Related
Kit No. 64-DSL-44-I ... 44-tonner Phase I a/b/c (no front grill)

Kit No. 64-DSL-44-IV ... 44-tonner Phase IV a (w/ front grill)

Kit No. 64-DSL-70A ... 70-tonner "A" body (no front grill, round headlights)
Kit No. 64-DSL-70B ... 70-tonner "B" body (front grill, rectangular headlights)

Any body kit variation = $165 (+ shipping)
Body kits include 1-piece urethane body, 1-piece urethane underframe, urethane details & truck sideframes design to fit HO Stanton trucks with S scale wheelsets, clear-cast urethane window inserts, couplers, Phosphor Bronze wire, brass tubing, (2) brass bars (weight), detailed kit instructions on a Mini-CD and separate NWSL instructions for DCC wiring.
70-ton GE body style comparison
Above:  44-tonner with HO Stanton trucks & S scale 33" wheelsets

Below: 70-tonner with HO Stanton trucks & S scale 36" wheelsets

GE 44- & 70-tonners

(4/4 and 7/2/2019)

In mid-March, Northwest Shortline announced it was closing on August 1, 2019 with no plans to continue the business under new ownership.

You can read more about the Stanton truck's future on Neil's blog:

Therefore, effective immediately, I am no longer able to supply powered diesel kits.  I will continue selling body kits and the suitable NWSL part number for the Stanton truck will be noted in the kit's instructions.