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S-Scale Locomotive-Related
Kit No. 64-DSL-44-I ... 44-tonner Phase I a/b/c (no front grill)

Kit No. 64-DSL-44-IV ... 44-tonner Phase IV a (w/ front grill)

Kit No. 64-DSL-70A ... 70-tonner "A" body (no front grill, round headlights)
Kit No. 64-DSL-70B ... 70-tonner "B" body (front grill, rectangular headlights)

Any body kit variation = $165 (+ shipping)
Body kits include 1-piece urethane body, 1-piece urethane underframe, urethane details & truck sideframes design to fit HO Stanton trucks with S scale wheelsets, clear-cast urethane window inserts, couplers, Phosphor Bronze wire, brass tubing, (2) brass bars (weight), detailed kit instructions on a Mini-CD and separate NWSL instructions for DCC wiring.
70-ton GE body style comparison
Above:  44-tonner with HO Stanton trucks & S scale 33" wheelsets

Below: 70-tonner with HO Stanton trucks & S scale 36" wheelsets

GE 44- & 70-tonners


In mid-March, Northwest Shortline announced it was closing later this year.  According to a subsequent "chat group" posting, current employees **MAY** continue making the product line under a new name and, most likely, would sell direct-only.  An email from NWSL to me today stated they would no longer sell any Stanton trucks to me but have been selling trucks to mail-order customers.

Therefore, effective immediately, I am no longer able to supply powered diesel kits.  I will continue selling body kits and the suitable NWSL part number for the Stanton truck will be noted in the kit's instructions.