AAR 70-ton, 53' 6" Flat Car
This is my "re-entry to O scale" kit after nearly ten years focusing on other scales.  During this decade, I've continued to improve 3D modeling, pattern generation and urethane casting techniques.  This kit represents the "State of the Art" in rapid prototyping and custom resin casting.

In 1941, the War Emergency Board approved a basic, 70-ton capacity, riveted-construction flat car.  (*) 10 roads bought cars of this design in multiple production lots spanning January 1942 to August 1944.  Most roads converted some of their cars to carry specific loads, such as pulpwood, automobile and truck frames, containers, pipe, lumber, sheet rock and piggyback trailers (with a hitch, end ramps and side rails).  B&O and 3 other roads added bulkheads.

(*) Erie's cars had 1 less Z-angle stringer on each side of the centersill and, correspondingly, 1 less row of nails on the deck.  The Erie car will not be produced.

(*) Southern Railway's (500) flat cars were built with 19 stake pockets compared to the "standard" 14.  A 1971 photo of this car in post-1960 lettering is shown below (a few of the stake pockets are missing due to "abuse" during 23 years of service).  If you want to purchase this kit, which requires all new CAD files, I will consider it ... but only if YOU express interest by emailing me.

This O scale kit will be produced using 3D Solidworks, 3D printed patterns and pressure-cast, industrial-grade urethane for maximum detail.  The frame, 1-piece deck and centersill rivet strips/plates will be separate castings to permit a concealed steel-bar weight and weathering of the deck boards to suit your taste.  The unique stake pockets will also be separate castings and offered as detail parts sold separately for "special projects".  Detailed instructions with prototype roster and photos and in-process kit construction photos are included as a .pdf on a mini-CD.  Detail parts from Grandt Line, Tichy and SMMW come with the kit.

Decals for at least (6) roads to be produced by www.protocraft.com ... contact Norm directly to order.

These are
LIMITED RUN kits.  Release date is February 2018.  Orders sent out on a "first paid = first shipped" basis.

Kit No. 48-F2 ... Complete body kit with Kadee 740 couplers, less trucks & decals ... $110 + postage

Kit No. 48-F2x ... 
Complete body kit less couplers, trucks & decals ... $105 + postage
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